Earn Ivy League Credits while making a positive impact on the future

Thinkist’s peer tutor training program has partnered with the University of Pennsylvania to empower your academic journey

Receive University of Pennsylvania Micro-Credential
Accrue Community Service Hours
Earn University of Pennsylvania College Credits

What is Thinkist?

Thinkist is a unique live online Peer Tutor training program that teaches students how to help other students, shows them how to become professional tutors, and provides them with valuable community service hours for their college applications.

It also teaches students the most valuable skills of all…how to critically think and ask questions.

Students receive 3 University of Pennsylvania Credits for each of our Level 1 and Level 2 courses.


Why Choose Thinkist’s Peer Tutoring Program?

Strengthen College Applications

Earn a Professional Tutor Training Certificate
Accumulate valuable Community Service Hours
Receive Credits from the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania


Develop Key Skills

Enhance Leadership & Professionalism
Boost Communication & Collaboration
Sharpen Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving
Learn how to be a professional tutor


Give Back

Tutor middle school students in need
Enhance Leadership & Professionalism
Play a pivotal role in fostering educational equity


Need Thinkist for your School District?

Level 1 – Foundations of Tutoring


Our Metasocratic Tutoring Training Program is designed to empower students not only to excel in their studies, but evolve into life-long learners and empathetic leaders.  Level 1 is the first step in that development.

In today’s competitive academic landscape, college admissions boards look for multifaceted individuals with a clear sense of purpose and direction. Our Metasocratic Tutor Training offers a distinct blend of academic mastery and personal development, equipping students with unique skills that make their college applications stand out.

Objectives and Outcomes

Metacognitive Mastery

By teaching students how to learn, they’re equipped to tackle unfamiliar topics with ease, showcasing adaptability crucial in diverse university settings.

Community Leadership

Our training fosters collaboration and mutual respect, adding depth to applications with proven teamwork and leadership experiences.

Empathetic Communication

By becoming tutors, students demonstrate leadership and effective communication – attributes universities seek.

Growth Mindset

Our curriculum nurtures resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving, key traits for thriving in university and beyond.


Global Perspectives

By understanding global principles like equity and equality, students highlight their preparedness for today’s interconnected world.

Academic Excellence

Beyond exams, our students showcase a deep understanding of subjects, positioning them as ideal candidates for top-tier university courses.

Diverse Skill Set

Skills like mindfulness, strategic thinking, and effective communication give students a unique edge, setting their applications apart.

Professional Opportunities

Graduates are well-positioned to secure good-paying tutor positions during college, leveraging their expert training and adding a valuable income stream while studying.


Applicants must be in the 10th – 12th grade and currently earning a B or better in an advanced math course or an A in a regular level math course

Level 2 – Becoming an Educational Professional


Building upon the foundational skills acquired in Level 1, Level 2 of our Metasocratic Tutor Training delves deeper, cultivating advanced tutoring techniques and leadership attributes. Designed for dedicated learners aiming for the pinnacle of academic and personal development, this advanced training further amplifies a student’s profile, ensuring a standout presence in a sea of college applications.


Objectives and Outcomes

Advanced Tutoring Techniques

Equip students with specialized tutoring strategies tailored for diverse learners, showcasing a depth of pedagogical understanding.

Leadership in Action

Cultivate the ability to lead peer tutor sessions, manage group dynamics, and influence positive change – vital for leadership roles in university.

Systemic Knowledge

Understand how systems impact learning, giving students an edge in understanding complex academic concepts and real-world applications.

Field-Specific Knowledge

Delve into subject-specific tutoring techniques, reinforcing specialized knowledge and adaptability.

Strategic Collaboration

Advanced group projects foster collaborative leadership, a trait that college boards view as a predictor of campus involvement.

Research & Development

Engage in research-driven projects related to tutoring and education, adding a unique dimension to college applications.

Holistic Development

Deep dives into personal growth strategies ensure students are not only academically fortified but also mentally and emotionally resilient.

Career Advancement

Graduates of Level 2 can pursue higher-paying, specialized tutoring roles during college and transition into professional education roles post-graduation, leveraging the advanced techniques they’ve mastered.


Applicants must have completed Tutor Training Level 1.

Applicants must be in the 10th – 12th grade and currently earning a B or better in an advanced math course or an A in a regular level math course


Learn from qualified instructors and educators seasoned in peer tutoring and student support


Interactive online classes and reflective sessions


Thrive in an inclusive learning space, benefitting from varied perspectives and experiences


Start Your Transformative Journey Today

How to Apply?



Demonstrate your commitment to community service, your leadership aptitude, and your passion for academic success.


Scholarships Available for Qualified Students


Level 01

Foundations of Professional Tutoring

15 Weeks – Classes start the week of February 12th, 2024

1.5 hours per week of class time

Two 1.5-hour tutoring practicum hours per week

​Receive 3 University Of Pennsylvania GSE Credits

Earn Thinkist Level 1 Certification

Level 02

Becoming an Educational Professional

Prerequisite: Level 1 – Foundations of Professional Tutoring

15 Weeks – Classes start the week of February 12th, 2024

1.5 hours per week of class time

Two 1.5-hour tutoring practicum hours per week

​Receive 3 University Of Pennsylvania GSE Credits

Earn Thinkist Level 2 Certification

Earn University of Pennsylvania MicroCredential


Thinkist is dedicated to creating accessible and equitable academic support, fostering a diverse and vibrant learning community, and paving the way for the educational leaders of tomorrow.

Join us in transforming lives and shaping futures!

Thinkist, in collaboration with Penn GSE, is committed to equity, diversity, and enhancing education, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed.


 *Refund Policy:

– Tuition is refundable up until 45 days before the program starts, providing participants flexibility and time to finalize their plans.

– Cancellations received on or before 45 days before the program starts will receive a full refund of the tuition.

– Cancellations received between 45 days before the program starts and 14 days before the program starts will receive a 50% refund of the tuition.

– Cancellations received less than 14 days before the start of the program will not be eligible for a refund.

– All cancellations must be submitted in writing via email to support@thinkist.com.

Exceptional Circumstances:

– We understand that unexpected events happen. In cases of serious illness or extreme family emergencies, refunds may be granted after the stated deadlines. These are considered case-by-case and require supporting documentation (e.g., a medical certificate).

– Such requests must be submitted as soon as possible, and the final decision rests with the program’s administrative team.

Program Withdrawal:

– If a participant needs to withdraw once the program has started due to unforeseen circumstances, we will discuss the situation individually. However, please understand that refunds at this stage are highly unlikely due to the costs already incurred by the program.

Transparency and Agreement:

– By registering for the Thinkist Peer Tutoring Program, participants agree to this payment and refund policy. We encourage all participants to review this policy in detail and reach out with any questions before committing to the program.